Sac Volvo Planning Committee Members:
For ease of reference, keep this page open in one tab or window and your Meet the Members page open in another.

To Edit your Meet the Members Page:

-View your Meet the Members page
-Scroll down to the bottom of your page until you see the footer links
-Click "Sign In"
-On the sign in page, log in with your "" username and password (or the e-mail / password associated with the Google Account with editing permissions)
-Once logged in, look to the upper right of the screen and click "edit page"
-You can now type text and format it just as you would a normal Word document
-Save as needed

Note: For those of you with Web experience, there is a HTML option (button on the right of the editing toolbar, but it is limited to mostly basic formatting).
 If you are interested in learning more about HTML basics, here is a link:

Uploading photos:

Photo Sizes:
-Google Sites S, M, L:

Managing Photos:

-Advanced Tables:

-Images in a Row (Side by Side):

-Making an Image a Link:

-Picasa Integration:

-Page Attachements, Images, File Cabinets:

Google Sites links:

If you would like to show a smaller image on the page that opens up to a full size image when clicked on:

-Create a Picasa Web Album account:
-Select "Upload Photos"
-When you create the web album name, and it asks  about "visibility," select either "public" (everyone can see it) or "unlisted" (can be shared, but cannot be seen without a proper link.
-Upload your photos from your computer.

-If you have multiple pictures and want to insert a slideshow:
-View the album
-On the right of the screen, select "Embed slideshow"
-Select the size you want (to view samples:
-Make sure to turn off autoplay so our pages load faster.
-Copy "Embed slideshow" code ("Ctrl" + "c")
-Open your "Meet the __" page
-Edit page
-On right of edit toolbar is a "HTML" button, select it
-Paste the code in the desired location ("Ctrl" + "v")
-Re-edit page as needed

-If you want to insert individual pictures:
-View the picture
-On the right of the screen, select "Link to this photo"
-Select the size you want (to view samples:
-Copy "Embed image" code ("Ctrl" + "c")
-Open your "Meet the __" page
-Edit page
-On right of edit toolbar is a "HTML" button, select it
-Paste the code in the desired location ("Ctrl" + "v")
-Re-edit page as needed


If you want to pre-size the picture and just insert it in (i.e., will not open to a larger size when clicked on):
Open your photo in a photo editing program.
Adjust the size of the photo to your desired size:
For a photo that takes up the whole screen: 800 pixels wide
For a photo that takes up half the screen: 400 pixels wide
Or any other size under 800 pixels wide that you prefer.
Save the photo (use another name so you will still have the original)

Open the SVC Extras site in another window and click on "Members Photos File Cabinet" page:
Add your photos

In the other window, open your page and select Edit page from the toolbar on the top.
Place your cursor to the position where you would like your picture inserted.
Select Insert, then Image
In the box that appears, select From URL
Erase the "http:/" and leave this open.
Go the other window (with the file cabinet) place your cursor on the file you want
Quickly double click and hold your finger down
Drag the file to the other window and release your finger when the pointer is in the URL box of the insert image window.
If this was done correctly, a preview of the image should appear and you can insert the image.
Once inserted, make sure to save the page.
Then you can edit the page again as needed.


If you need help with the HTML, let me know!

Or, if you would just like me to insert the pictures, let me know!
Send your photos to me and tell me if you want them in a slideshow or individually.
Also let me know any layout preferences you have.